Want to read my research? I hope you find my research interesting and useful. Given many people and organizations do not have access to the scientific literature, I try to publish my studies in open access (free-to-download) journals so that anyone can access my work for free. Links for most of my articles are available with each study listed below. If you are unable to access any of these, please send me an email and I will send you copies of any of my studies you are interested in.

My PhD thesis:Sex_In_The_Suburbs

*signifies equal authorship


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– Reanalysis of Scheele et al. (2019) demonstrating absent or insufficient data in this study linking infectious disease to the decline and extinction of 501 amphibian species

– Inspired this Dynamic Ecology blog post “How should Comment-Reply exchanges be structured. Thoughts inspired by a recent exchange of comments on a high-profile conservation paper”


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